Matthew Coté

Matthew Coté

Artist Statement

Politics thrives through interaction. Choices are made basedon stature, the perception of choice, and the consequences of choice. Themedium of jewelry/metalsmithing is utilized to convey artistic activism. As aworn object jewelry can reach outside the gallery, or the typical viewingspace. The wearer becomes a participant in the concept of the piece.

I draw inspiration from political campaign slogans, flags,and propaganda; all of which have simple designs that grab attention. Inspirationalso pulls from topography and, to an extent, gematria (changing words intonumbers to place within a design). These inspirations are a visual path for theeye and the mind to discover the ideas within the piece. What can be learnedalong the way may, or may not, take the viewer to the planned conclusion, butwhat’s ultimately important is the journey.


Born and raised inTacoma, WA, Matthew Coté sparked an interest in art while attendingTacoma Community College. Matthew’s artwork has been shown nationally and internationallyin notable exhibitions, including in the Museum of Glass, The State Museum ofPennsylvania, and Contemporary Craft. Now residing in Erie, PA where, from 2018until 2022, he worked for the Erie Art Museum as Lead Preparator andCollection Manager. In that role, he curated several exhibitions aimed to driveconstructive conversation as well as inspire the local community. Matthew nowworks as an Adjunct Instructor of Sculpture at Mercyhurst University.


Centrifugal Casting

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